Italian American Writer in PA wilds. Gen X survivor attempting to climb shrinking narrow. Reads Cormac McCarthy & dead monks to stave off relativism.
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Almost Two Years Have Passed Since I Was Taken Down & I Have No Idea If This Story Will Be Seen or Read, Really

Why me?

It’s still incredibly murky. I really don’t know, to this day, May 10, 2021.

No one has “revealed” themselves fully, nor has a reason been disclosed to me, not a scrap of why dropped, though I have my ideas.

Once Upon a Time

Cyber alarms clang for me in February 2019, while…


Boomers, Your Exit Is Stage Left, Right the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks NOW

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Generation X has received short shrift since birth.

Generation Xer’s are the roughly 46 odd million people born between 1965–1978 (or 1965 — 1980) depending on source.

Baby Boomers — +-75 million people, while Millennials are a huge generation at almost double Gen X — -83 million.

I do not…

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Death — “Honorable Mention” Winner Medium Writer Challenge 2021

Finding Dad’s Suit For His Funeral In Our Family’s Inimitable Fashion Released Our Grief

The black rotary phone rings on the wall in my parent’s kitchen, interrupting our quiet conversation.

Late summer sunshine filtering through the pines outside the log house is fading to dusk. I jump up quickly to answer the phone before Mama is disturbed.

​“Maybe it’s Troy,” I say.

The rest…

Ghosting & Friendships

Is Ghosting Becoming The Norm In Ending Friendships? Or Are Relationships Supposed To Mean Less Overall?

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I am an old lady as far as the Internet is concerned.

I was an adult when computers hit mainstream use.

Computers meaning Windows OS, the slick designs of today, not the clunky machines we typed laborious pages of code into, just to be rewarded with a grainy butterfly graphic.


The Woods Family Christmas Celebration Concludes. Will Clark and Denise Reconcile? Or Is Their Marriage A Lost Cause?

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Don’t miss Parts I-IV on my profile! ~Click Here~

CLARK breathes in the warm, fragrant air in the little chapel.

He feels so relaxed and at peace, not at all how he felt when he woke up this morning, he remembers.

He waits in the vestibule, behind a very old…

Heather S. Wargo

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