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Death — “Honorable Mention” Winner Medium Writer Challenge 2021

Finding Dad’s Suit For His Funeral In Our Family’s Inimitable Fashion Released Our Grief

The black rotary phone rings on the wall in my parent’s kitchen, interrupting our quiet conversation.

Late summer sunshine filtering through the pines outside the log house is fading to dusk. I jump up quickly to answer the phone before Mama is disturbed.

​“Maybe it’s Troy,” I say.

The rest…

I have found throughout my 40+ years on Earth, female physicians, far and away are much, much less empathetic, less kind , while being far more impatient, short, and all around rude than the male physicians I have seen — with the lone exception of one female doctor.

Since I am a medical train wreck of a person, I have seen tons of doctors, too.

It defies logic, especially in regards to OBGYN practices, unless these docs are trying to be hardcore and prove something, I guess.

I really have no explanation for this kind of callous behavior, and I am so sorry you had to deal with this.


The view from the mountain in our journey

Taken & provided by author

In a few weeks, we will celebrate Thanksgiving in our home, my favorite holiday. Combining food and family, peace and sweetness, it seems to keep at bay the greed and capitalism of our economy, not quite finding a way to pervert this particular day with consumerism.

Well, not completely anyway…

Media Manipulation

Media Mask Debate Echoes USA Today’s 2017 Hysteria Tweets Regarding “Possible Modification” of a Ruger AR-556

Screencap Official USA Today Twitter

Of course you remember the chainsaw bayonet. I think this particular “media hysteria signaling moment” is in the top three of all time mock the media in historical media moments.

Did you have a favorite alternative modification meme someone sent you? …


Thanks to NSO Group’s Un-Patchable Malware I Am Free

Wikimedia Commons Photo Copyright © Android Open Source Project

The Guardian reported the biggest story yet confirming the life-destroying malware, Pegasus, unleashed upon humanity by Israeli NSO Group, has been used much more extensively than its creators claimed, with a list of thousands of “regular”, i.e non-terrorist, non-criminal,people affected.

Uh, duh.

I tried to let the FBI know, but…

The “I Agree” We Are Forced Into At Every Healthcare Appointment

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It’s interesting to consider how few people know what exactly is in the consent form(s) they are asked to sign when they roll into any medical clinic, hospital, laboratory, or the like for an appointment.

Do you know? Have you asked?

What I have found even more unique? The professional…

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Being a Devout Believer in a World of Conformity, Hate, & Indifference

“But I thought you were smarter than that.”

“You seemed so intelligent, though.”

“I never would have took you for one of them.”

These echo in my mind as I slip into the pew. It is silent in the chapel.

The faint scent of incense lingers, a remnant of the…

Heather S. Wargo

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