Nowhere To Turn With Any Of These Too Crazy-To-Be-True-But-Are Discoveries In My Life

I Am Becoming More Numb In A Bad Way, Non Reactive, Blasé, With Every Scary Reveal

Heather S. Wargo
8 min readMar 5, 2022


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I am a rational, science oriented person. A logical thinker. I always have been. One who is the calm in a storm.

I like to think things out before committing to anything.

In September of 2019, when I went to law enforcement and pleaded for their help, I was treated quite awfully. So — 31 months ago and counting.

Told that nightmare here:

When I asked for assistance with what I showed the detective, by all accounts, was my home internet invasion by an unknown entity, I was patronized and completely ignored.

My inability to use the internet in any way suggesting my own, full control over my own accounts existing was completely disregarded. In fact, I was told I must have forgotten “my password”.

My password. I forgot my password. Huh.

To what, I was never told.

Subsequent calls by me, asking for help disappeared into the ether and never were returned. In-person visits by me were fruitless.

I was told the detective I was talking to had been transferred and no one else was assigned to anything he had been working on.

Basically, I was to leave the police alone and to quit bothering them because they weren’t going to help me and they had no interest in anything I had to say.

Imagine, if you can attempt to anyway, the feeling of helplessness and fear this caused in me.

Let me help — I ask you to clear your mind for a moment.

Now, I would like you to imagine when you woke up this morning, you went to your cell phone and checked your bank account balance.



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