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Battle Hard Writer who’s discovered- TRUST {Consistency;Compassion;Communication,Competence} ONLY flows from INTEGRITY: {Intellectual Humility;Honesty;Morality}
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I have been Off Line Again — NOT By Choice — YET. Finally I Panned Some Gold

I write this with a sense of tremulous gratitude.

Let me be clear, it has been so very long since I have felt this kind of way, it’s hard for me to actually name the feelings that are racing around.

That, in and of itself, makes me sad to recognize, the knowledge of just how far down this road of hopeless, forced capitulation I traversed these last two years.

For it has now been two years.

Two long, lonely, interminable years.

It is astonishing to me, actually, to reflect upon this; two years ago, in September 2019, the last ones…

Media Manipulation

Media Mask Debate Echoes USA Today’s 2017 Hysteria Tweets Regarding “Possible Modification” of a Ruger AR-556

Screencap Official USA Today Twitter

Of course you remember the chainsaw bayonet. I think this particular “media hysteria signaling moment” is in the top three of all time mock the media in historical media moments.

Did you have a favorite alternative modification meme someone sent you? Mine was this one, sent by a friend —


Thanks to NSO Group’s Un-Patchable Malware I Am Free

Wikimedia Commons Photo Copyright © Android Open Source Project

The Guardian reported the biggest story yet confirming the life-destroying malware, Pegasus, unleashed upon humanity by Israeli NSO Group, has been used much more extensively than its creators claimed, with a list of thousands of “regular”, i.e non-terrorist, non-criminal,people affected.

Uh, duh.

I tried to let the FBI know, but Pegasus kept me from alerting them via phone.

When I went in person, the officer yeah, right -ed me and locked me out of the building.

I wished, on the spot, I could point at him and Pegasus his ass, just so he knew how it felt.

I guess he…

The “I Agree” We Are Forced Into At Every Healthcare Appointment

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It’s interesting to consider how few people know what exactly is in the consent form(s) they are asked to sign when they roll into any medical clinic, hospital, laboratory, or the like for an appointment.

Do you know? Have you asked?

What I have found even more unique? The professional who is asked for clarification, at least in my personal experiences, has not been able to answer my inquiry right away.

Indeed, the person in each instance has had to rifle through office drawers and files in search for a paper copy of what the exact “consent to treat” is……

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30 Questions About How “Informed” America’s Citizens Are In This 2021 Digital World

This questionnaire is the full one, from a subset featured in my article, “Do You Read The Fine Print In The Medical “Consent to Treat” You Sign? published in The Bad Influence on Medium.

  1. I use the Internet/ Internet of Things (IOT):

a)0 mins daily

b)<1 hour daily

c)<2 hours daily

d)>2 hours daily

e) not every day

2. I own/use regularly: (include all applicable)

[ ]laptop PC ; [ ]desktop PC; [ ] WIFI gaming system (Xbox, PS, handheld et al); [ ]smart cellular phone; [ ]smartwatch; [ ]smartfitness tracker; [ ]iPad; [ ]Kindle; [ ]iPod; [ ]Android OS…

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Stiletto Speaks Her Truth About Cindy’s Latest Affair

Hey, Cindy, I know you.

How could I not? I am the shoes you live in. You and me? Our history is legendary.

Regardless of how, ugh, “COMFY”, you say those hideous rubber glorified Trojans on your feet are, I know you will be sliding those toesies into my supple leather, arch supported, handmade toe box, beauty of leg lengthening height any day now.

Mine again.

No more leaving me here on this wretched, dusty steel post shoe rack with those ballet slipper looking things from your 5 minute Sam Edelman is the rage lunacy, resting alongside those clunky ass…

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Finding Dad’s Suit For His Funeral In Our Family’s Inimitable Fashion Released Our Grief

The black rotary phone rings on the wall in my parent’s kitchen, interrupting our quiet conversation.

Late summer sunshine filtering through the pines outside the log house is fading to dusk. I jump up quickly to answer the phone before Mama is disturbed.

​“Maybe it’s Troy,” I say.

The rest of my siblings are sitting at our massive scrubbed wooden table adjacent to the kitchen.

This table has hosted thousands of meals, laughs, tears, the benches sturdy, holding the family.

Its surface is now littered with photographs. …

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Quick Links To Hot Press of The Past Month

As I am still shakily attempting my Medium “return/comeback/ clawback”, I appreciate every solitary click and read on every story.

When I was able to log in to Medium after a year (YEAR!) passed, it was… incredible to me, to see I had gone from 978 followers in September 2019 to 1,836 followers in May 2021.

(I was so scared and shaky last summer when I had my brief two week stint afforded me here, I never even looked at my follower count.)

That said, whatever throttle or mechanism that keeps me off SEO in Cloudflare is still firmly in…

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Being a Devout Believer in a World of Conformity, Hate, & Indifference

“But I thought you were smarter than that.”

“You seemed so intelligent, though.”

“I never would have took you for one of them.”

These echo in my mind as I slip into the pew. It is silent in the chapel.

The faint scent of incense lingers, a remnant of the Holy Hour celebrated earlier, the thurible swung in deference to our Blessed Lord, His Presence in the Eucharist honored by a scattered few in the pews.

We are blessed in our Catholic community with a very pious and holy younger priest. He came to our church and began slowly to…

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A cautionary rant about rural living

While picturesque in areas where I currently live (Middle Of Nowhere) is getting on my last, barely functional nerve.

I really am sick to death of living here, I surprise myself by admitting internally.

The lack of sunny days.

The wet of summer — not humidity, the rainy days, which are equal in amount to sunny, or more than.

The Amish.

Living here in rural PA is boring.

It is stifling my personality and “me”ness.

It takes entirely too long to go anywhere approaching “fun”.
I thought I knew this coming into living here because, well, I grew up here…

Heather S. Wargo

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